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    2. Removal Notice
      Update time:2020-03-12
      Browse volume:58
      SRF Happy 10th Anniversary 2019.10.18
      SRF Happy 10th Anniversary 2019.10.18
      Update time:2019-10-21
      Browse volume:51
      Productronica India 2019
      Productronica India 2019
      Update time:2019-09-27
      Browse volume:1031
      On September 6, 2019, we participated in SbSTC Seminar in Changsha.
      On September 6, 2019, we participated in SbSTC Seminar in Changsha. About Cleaning equipment, Cleaner, and Vacuum Type Reflow Oven, We look forward to your inquiry!
      Update time:2019-09-12
      Browse volume:44
      In June 2012, SRF formally became the agent of DEN-ON INSTRUMENTS in China.
      In June 2012, our company formally became the agent of DEN-ON INSTRUMENTS in China, responsible for the sales and technical services of the whole series of DEN-ON brand repaired products in China
      Update time:2012-06-08
      Browse volume:1166
      11-13 May 2011,we exhibited the equipment of AH100E at Shanghai Nepcon Exhibitio
      Desolvent! Operation cost of VOC-FREE cleaning solution has been greatly reduced by about 66% of CO2 emission. Cleaning + drying time = about 5 minutes ~ high-speed Sincerely welcome your visit and advice.
      Update time:2011-06-06
      Browse volume:1182
      March 2011, became the general agent of SAWA liquid and SAWA Brightener.
      SAWA liquid is used in SC-AH100E steel mesh cleaning machine. Desolvent. About 300 steel nets are cleaned per barrel. SAWA Brightener. can be used for furnace cleaning
      Update time:2011-03-09
      Browse volume:1648
      Apr. 18-22, 2011 , SC-AH100E study in Japan
      Our company sent Engineer Wei to Sawa, Japan to study and Learn how to install and adjust the machine of AH100E
      Update time:2011-06-06
      Browse volume:1555
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